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Add: No. 404 South Wan Ping Road , Shanghai China
Postcode: 200030
Tel: 0086-(21)54592308
Fax: 0086-(21)54591973
President, General Manager: Huo Jian Guo
Email: leather@online.sh.cn




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Leather Good Factory

b9.gif (8513 字节)      Situated at the vicinitity of Shanghai Outer-ring Highway, Shanghai Dong Hua Leather Goods Factory has a premise covering a total area of 5.1 acres including building area of 15300 squaremeters with transportation convenience, graceful circumstance and reasonable layout for production and management.

       As a medium scale state-owned manufacturer of some 60 year history under Shanghai Leather Corporation Ltd, Shanghai Dong Hua Leather Goods Factory is specialized in producing various kinds of luggage. With spacious production buildings, sophisticated equipment and fine workmanship as well as a workforce of 300 workers and staff members and fixed assets with a value of about RMB 20 million, the factory is now taking the leading position among luggage manufacturers in China. With equipment and machines including the Abs extruding machine from Italy, the factory produces various types of luggage including those with "Long March Brand" for export and those with "Ru Yi brand" for domestic market sales. The most important products of the factory such as ABS travel suitcases, PVC travel cases and EVA wheel puller-equipped soft-sided EVA suitcases have been awarded prize of State Silver Medal as well as the title of High Quality Product by the Light Industry Ministry and Shanghai Municipality, and have won the first place in the nation-wide appraisal among suitcase manufacturers in China and also have been rated as renown brand product of Shanghai. Now the factory has a capacity of producing 100000 pieces of ABS suitcase and 200000 pieces of various types of oxford nylon travel cases. Businessmen, clients or customers are welcomed to visit the factory for business talks.


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Address:No. 800 Zhu Mei Road, Shanghai, China
Tel:(21) 64101205
Fax:(21) 64767967
Postcode: 200237



* Shanghai Luggage And Bag Factory

* Shanghai Dong Hua Leather Goods Factory