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Add: No. 116 Nan Tang Bang Road , Shanghai China
Postcode: 200023
Tel: 0086-(21)53027883
Fax: 0086-(21)63016921
General Manager: Huo Jian Guo
Email: leather@online.sh.cn


Department  Store


Shanghai Leather Co. Ltd. Pudong Building

      Shanghai Leather Co. Ltd. Pudong Building is in Dongfang road, the hall have 500m2, we specialize in kinds of leather shoes, sports shoes, leather dresses, cases, bags, and so on. It has about more than three thousand products. We engage by special arrangement famous brand leather products, include famous brand leather shoes, bags, products have top grade, middling grade and low grade. We also tend especially design leather shoes and soft leather shoes for the elderly.

       We offer high quality and considerate sales service. The building has elegance establishment and good shopping condition.


Address:  No. 1249-1255, Dongfang Road,
New District, Pudong
Tel:  58753811
P.C.:  200127
Traffic:  No.746, No.736, No.581, No.610,
Tunnel 5 and Tunnel 9



* Shanghai Leather Co. Ltd. Pudong Building

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