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Add: No. 116 Nan Tang Bang Road , Shanghai China
Postcode: 200023
Tel: 0086-(21)53027883
Fax: 0086-(21)63016921
General Manager: Huo Jian Guo
Email: leather@online.sh.cn


Department  Store


Building  Profile

      The Building of Shanghai Leather Co., Ltd, which is a rather large shop specializing leather products in Shanghai, and is under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Leather Co., Ltd. Located in NANJING west road where is very busiest section in Shanghai, and be nearest to Television Station of Shanghai, and the Exit of metro No.2.

      The products including leather shoes/sport shoes will be satisfaction with men/women/children from different social stratum, at the same time, including famous brands such as ticket clip, leather belt, leather handbag/box etc ... and shopping situation and location environment all is advantageous.

       Whole building with three floor where occupied the area of 3000 square M, and inside of the building is very brilliant and commodious, and collected all kinds of famous/special/superior/refined products, It is no exaggeration to say that leather building is very ideal where to be shopping for customers.



* Shanghai Leather Co. Ltd. Pudong Building

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