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    Shanghai United Ball Enterprises Corporation is an optimized trans-industry and trans-trade combination of Shanghai Ball Factory and Shanghai Yonghe Rubber Factory. Since 1989, 
the honor of Shanghai Civilization Model Unit has been awarded to our company for four successive times, The other titles honoured are "Shanghai Highly-Rated Industrial Enterprise unit" and "Second Rank National Enterprise".

      Our company has seventy-year experience in professional ball-Manufacturing, and has been specialized in producing Train Brand soccerball, Train Brand basketball and Train Brand volleyball with excellent skills, advanced technique and exquisite workmanship. Early in 1980's, "Train Brand" soccerbal ,basketball and volleyball were approved as international Tournament balls by FIFA.FIBA. and FIVB.In addition,Train S32S waterproof soccerball and Train-S501S gummed volleyball have won the Golden Medal of the People's Republic of China.

      Our Brand "Train" balls have been designated as balls for tournaments in Asian Games, East-Asian Games and all the national games in China. We've got the Permission to Produce "Adidas" which entered the playground in the World-Cup Game of 1994. In 1997 our "Train Brand "high-quality basketball, soccerball, volleyball, beach volleyball and water-polo were designated by the National Sports Commission again as the tournament balls for the 8th National Games.

      Our three "Train Brand" balls have enjoyed high reputation both home and abroad.On the international market, our products sell well over 60 countries and regions such as USA,Germany and Italy. On the domestic market, our products sell all over the country, representing half of the game balls market. Our company is taking an active part in cooperation with foreign well-known sports equipment company to produce the licensed "Wilson","Molten","spalding","Adidas" balls. Balls go around the globe bringing friendship worldwide.

     "Quality is the life of an enterprise","To win by quality "and "To win by novelty" ,are the essence of our strategy and business policy .Our guide Line is "Elaborately manufacturing balls, contributing them to the world".

      Under the principles of "all for clients, all for customers" and "serve the customers to their satisfaction", we set the requirements from our customers as our goal. We will speed up the development of new technology and new products to provide our customers with superior products.


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Add: No. 98 Jin Wei Road Shanghai China
Postcode: 201901
Tel: (21)56865012
Fax: (21)56865026


* Shanghai United Ball Enterprises

* Xie Xing Leahter Sports Equipment Factory