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Add: No. 404 South Wan Ping Road , Shanghai China
Postcode: 200030
Tel: 0086-(21)54592308
Fax: 0086-(21)54591973
President, General Manager: Huo Jian Guo
Email: leather@online.sh.cn




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c7.gif (14687 字节)      Founded in December 1956, Shanghai No.1 Leather Shoes Factory, subsidiary to Shanghai Deng Yun Enterprise Development Corporation Ltd is a Second Rank national enterprise, It has been awarded the title of "Excellent Enterprise in Exportation" by the Ministry of Light Industry and the title of "Advanced Enterprise" by Shanghai municipality. Its renown product- Deng Yun leather shoes have won honors, including the "High-quality Products"by the Ministry of Light Industry and Shanghai municipality, "Golden Bridge Award" for Best-selling Chinese Goods four times consecutively from 1992 to 1995, "King of Genuine Leather Shoes in China in 1996" by National Council of Light Industry, the "Consumer's Most Favourite Brand" by Economic Daily in 1995 and the second place of "Best-selling Brand in 1996". The registered trademark "Deng yun" has been labelled as "Famous Trademark of Shanghai Municipality" and is well known at home and abroad. The sales networks of Deng Yun leather shoes are widely spread over China's 27 provinces, municipalities and regions. Its products have been sold in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and Europe,America, Japan, Australia as well.

     The conventional products manufactured by the factory-Casual Derby Shoes is in great demand on market for Years for its unique style and design. The factory has recently developed a series of new generation products, which not only maintain the traditional feature but also comform to the consumer's fashion. The new products include magnetic fitness shoes and multifunctional leather shoes which integrate the magnetic acupuncture point health-care, air-cashion message and shock-proofness into just one pair of shoes; the Hi-tech air-conditioning shoes, which show the achievement of modern science and technology, enables the consumers to wear the shoes throughout the year. Both of them won the golden metal award of Shanghai Science and Technology Festival 1995. In addition, the fashion shoes, which are similar in style and design to international famous brand products, have been highly appreciated by the consumers for their lower price and high grade. We have also developed a new type of shoes with the effect of temperature-humidity conditioning which eliminates the disadvantage of less air permeability of traditional shoes.
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       In order to further improve the product quality and safeguard the interests of consumers the factory management   has made an examination on the overall quality on shoes assembled by its processing subsidiaries since 1995.On this basis the factory has established the "Product Quality Guarantee Insurance" in whole China with People's Insurance Corporation of China Shanghai Branch to realize the commitment to consumers: "Deng Yun Brings You Perfect Quality". Meanwhile the enterprise has strengthened product quality control by means of employee education and training to increase everyone's quality consciousness. For setting up a strict quality control system in line with the international standard, the factory has made great effort for its conformation with the International Standard ISO 9002 and has become the first domestic leather shoes manufactorer awarded with the certificate of ISO 9000 Quality System Certification in May 1996.


Add: No. 547 Xie Tu Rd. Shanghai Cn.
Postcode: 200023
Tel: (21)63017059




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