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Add: No. 116 Nan Tang Bang Road , Shanghai China
Postcode: 200023
Tel: 0086-(21)53027883
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General Manager: Huo Jian Guo
Email: leather@online.sh.cn


Shanghai Leather Company special
secondary school for staff workers

     Approved by Shanghai Municipal Government and founded in 1984, our school in the line of leather, is an only special secondary school affiliated to Shanghai Municipal Government in East China Region.

     Depending on the advantage of profession, our school has compiled our own teaching materials which are very professional and we have a strong troop of professional teachers as well as fine places in good condition for study.

     We always persists in the aim of devoloping the specialty and serving the society The standing professional and training courses are as follows:

  1. Class for record of special secondary school ----specialties of design for leather product decoration, design for leather shoes, design for leather products, tanning technology and integration of machinery and electricity are established. For adults, basically using spare time excused from entrance examinations.

  2. Short training course for design of leather shoes ---whole day study (totally released from production or work), open to trainees from every part of the country, board and lodging arranged.

  3. Period of schooling: Three months.

  4. Spare time class for senior-middle school course ---separate study on subjects individual graduation on subjects, versatile method of teaching, rich qualified teachers.

  5. School training course for learners to obtain a certificate of employment qualification ----A certificate of vocational qualification will be issued by Labor Safeguard Bureau Staffs who come off sentry of being unemployed may have prefernce.

  6. Specialties of dry wash and wax polishing, tanning operator and leather products maker are established.

  7. We accept training and examination rotine (primary and middle class) for computer drawing CAD; A qualification certificate of national CAD training will be issued.

   General regulations will be provided on demand. For further details, please contact Mr. Lu Da Zheng.

Tel: 021-63281238
School address: 9 Zi Jin Road
Zip code: 200002