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* Leather shoes
* Leather dress
* cases, bags
* balls
* sports glove
* Leather chemical
* Leather metals
* Leather machinery
* accessories for machine
* Leather


Add: No. 116 Nan Tang Bang Road , Shanghai China
Postcode: 200023
Tel: 0086-(21)53027883
Fax: 0086-(21)63016921
General Manager: Huo Jian Guo
Email: leather@online.sh.cn





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j2.gif (9681 字节)   Shanghai Leather Machinery Works is specialized in producing leather machinery with a quite long history. The factory has large technical capabilities, excellent equipment, advanced technologies and good testing devices and much achievements have been made by the factory during the past years.

      The factory produces tannery machinery and shoe machinery of more than 20 kinds with overall specifications and guaranteed quality. Recently, much efforts have been done for the cooperation with Hungary and Italy in developing new products.

      Based on the principle that consumers are supreme and reputation and quality should be placed first, the factory has got much success in the marketing of its products, which sell to all the provinces in China and also foreign countries of Nepal, Mali and Mauritius, and are quite welcomed by the users.



   The factory is at your service by providing you with the following leather machinery:

  • GJ4C1-400*200 Vacuum Dryer
  • XJID3-40 Band Knife Splitting Machine
  • XCLB2-100 Hydraulic Cutting Machine
  • XJ1A1/Y-18t Hydraulic Cutting Machine
  • XJ1A2/Y-25t Hydraulic Cutting Machine

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Please contact the factory by letter or cable.
Visits to the factory for business are also welcomed.

Add: 610, Huai Hai Road (W) Shanghai.Cn.
Postcode: 200052
TEL: (21)62802514
FAX: (21)62802823