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p8.gif (10038 字节)     Shanghai Leather Industry Research Institute was founded in August 1978, and it is also the Shanghai Leather Technology Centre of Light Industry Ministry as was named by the Light Industry Ministry in 1979. Main tasks of the institute include: development of training technologies, R & D work of chemicals for leather and shoe uses, shoe designing and styling for factories, supply of current world and domestic information of science and technology, quality monitoring and testing of leather, footwear and leather goods produced in Shanghai and other three provinces of East China, as well as the provision of technical consultation, technical service and training of technical specialists.Our main products are: "GARLAND" brand metal complex dyestuffs, and FL-9407 Leather Finishing Fillers (water-based).



  • Metal-complex Dyestuffs for Leather
    This product has been awarded the prizes of Important Scientific-technological Researches by the Ministry of Light Industry and Shanghai Municipality and is an ideal chemical for the manufacturing of high-grade leather.
  • Casein-free Pigment Paste
    This product is mainly used for the finishing of garment leather,upholstery leather and upper leather.As compared with common pigment pastes, it gives a thinner coating with less consumption of pigments, and the operation is convenient.
  • Chemically-modified Casein
    This product has the advantages of good adhesion with leather and ability to sustain plating. Hence it is an improved product of natural casein.

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