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p6.gif (8133 字节)   Xin Hua Leather Chemicals Works is specialized in producing leather chemicals. It has been sixty years since the year of 1936 when the factory first began to produce "Niu Yang" Brand leather finishes. Its main products include casein pigment pastes, pigments,and leather fatliquors. With large technical capabilities and advanced equipments and technologies, the factory has got much achievements in rendering exquisite materials into products of high reputation with reasonable price and high quality.
The factory is always at customers' service with the view point that customers are most important and quality of products should be guaranteed at any time, and is giving every effort to keep the quality always in current advanced level and strive for the prosperity of leather chemicals industry.



  • Fatliquors
    Type: Compound of natural oil and petroleum
    Properties: No.2 LEATHER SOFTENING OIL is an anionic fatliquor. It has high emulisfying and penetrating power and excellent emulsion stability, and is suitable for the fatliquoring of light leathers and garment-gloving leather and luggage leather, the oil will not be volatile and will make the leather always soft?full and elastic and the leather products will be kept to a longer life due to that they will not become hard with long time storage.

    Type: Sulphated castor oil
    Properties: It is the most ideal fatliquor among all natural vegetable oil fatliquors. It is suitable for the fatliquoring of light leathers and garment-gloving leather and heavy leather, and is also suitable for use as a plasticizer for finishes like casein pigment pastes and pigments.

    Type: Compound of natural oil and synthetic fatliquor
    Properties: SYNTHETIC FATLIQUOR SE is an anionic fatliquor specially formulated with various components to meet the requirement of leather fatliquoring, can be used for the fatliquoring of softies, such as nappa, suedes, garment and gloving leathers. If mixed with other fatliquors, it can be used for uppers and ball leather processing.
    SYNTHETIC FATLIQUOR SE confers a smooth silky handle to the leather with excellent fullness and brilliance of silky sheen. It penetrates the whole cross section of the leather completely and thereby confers extreme softness. The high degree of softness is accompanied by fullness and depends on the type of drying employed. It has high fastness to light without any bleaching effect on dyeing of pastel shade leather so that the brilliance of dyed leather is ensured. It has little influence on the absorbency of the grain layer of the leather therefore the subsequent finishing is not prejudiced by too high absorbency.

  • Shoe polish W-1
    It is a shoe polish made of colourless water-soluble resin and is specialized for use in shoe finishing. It improves the adhesion of finish film of shoe upper and impart the shoes with natural gloss and smooth handle. It has no pollutant and is an ideal material for shoe finishing.


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