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* Leather shoes
* Leather dress
* cases, bags
* balls
* sports glove
* Leather chemical
* Leather metals
* Leather machinery
* accessories for machine
* Leather


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     Shanghai Weixing Leather for Machinery Factory founded in 1923 is a factory specializing in manufacturing machine fittings. The 1 factory, known for its long history, rich experience, advanced technology, complete testing means, superior quality. The customers have spread all over the country. A part of the products sold for abroad and well by customers.


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Nylon substrate flat belts:
It has high strength, good flexibility, small elongation rate, large in conveying efficiency, long working life and energy saving. It can he used at high speed accurate conveying of high power.


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PVC and Rubber convegor belt:
It has high strength, lightweight, good flexibility and long working life. It is being used in many sectors of machinery building and in nearly all branches of the product processing industry.


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Polyure thane, nylon and rubber leather seal:
It has high strength, elasticity and elongation as well as wide range of hardness. It is good abrasive and oilproof. It can be used in light industry, machinery, mining and textile, etc.


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Nitrilebutadiene picking blocks and buffer rings, highpolymer picking blocks

It can be used on picking system of various looms.


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Cattlehide, Nitrilebutadiene and polyure thane round belts

It has found extensive application in light industry, machinery and textile, etc.
Spindle belts:As transmission belt for textile machinery.


      Our production capacity and innovative development capability for new products will enable us to meet the increasing demand from the domestic and world markets. We are looking forward to having business talks and technical discussions with all Chinese and foreign companies. Our factory is willing to provide fine-quality products and technical service for all our customers.


Add: 98 Jin Wei Road Shanghai Cn
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